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Kin Work Pottery

Functional pottery to share



I'm Amberley

Passionate potter, mom and wife. 

Slab built, small batch, mindfully made in my rustic, no running water garage studio. Snowy wintery nights with tunes playing away these happy one of a kind pieces have been designed and created. It is a wild mix of both thrilling and kinda nerve racking to share these with you all, but it is honestly a dream come true!⁣


Hand Built

Handbuilding is my Jam! You can find my hand build products at markets and online. Sign up to be the first to know where you can find your own Kin Work piece.

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Sharing my passion with others fill my heart. Head over to Art Underground to see upcoming classes or connect with me to talk about small group events in my space or yours.


Wheel Thrown

Move over Demi Moore, it's time to get down to business. Wheel thrown pottery is iconic, check out the gallery to see some of my wheel thrown pieces. 

What People Say

I had to tie my shoes up because Kin Work Pottery keeps blowing my socks off!

Ryan Schuler, BC

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Inspired by and proudly made in Whitehorse, Yukon

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Did you come all the way to the bottom to find this mixed tape mug? Pretty rad isn't it?

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